The Elements Driving Higher Education Students' Choice of Institution: Case Study of "Learners First Policy" at Ealing Hammersmith & West London College

By Akash Puranik and Matthew Cooper.

Published by The International Journal of Learning in Higher Education

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The research reviews literature discussing factors that drive the institution choices of students, intending to build hypothesis which defines that relation. One such unique selling factor for EHWLC “Learners First” is considered for testing. The research is still a work in progress. The combined methodology is proposed to quantitatively test this interpretivistic process however an emergent methodology suggested by review would be deemed suitable. A pragmatic sample would be chosen from the population of all higher education (HE) students at EHWLC. The findings would define and assign values to factors involved in student decisions. The effect of factors in decision would be established by the review. The findings would also test and verify the hypotheses thus formed. The research will identify the gaps in literature discussing factors affecting student’s institutional choices. From perspective of analytical simplification, the conclusions of findings, drawn by literature as well as testing, are reasoned to be valuable, reliable & pertinent to other educational organisations.

Keywords: Higher Education, Institution Choice, Policy/Marketing Effectiveness, United Kingdom, International/Domestic Students, Student Decision Making Variables

The International Journal of Learning in Higher Education, Volume 20, Issue 3, May 2014, pp.1-12. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published online: May 6, 2014 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 928.975KB)).

Akash Puranik

MBA Support Volunteer, International Student Support, Ealing Hammersmith and West London College, London, UK

A bright energetic aspirant starting his career in academia by working as a Support Volunteer for MBA, Akash is a holder of master’s in business administration – hospitality and bachelor’s in business administration, hotel management and travel and tourism. With a first class degree with a distinction, Akash has secured the highest marks in both the courses in respective universities. He has practical work experience in the hospitality industry. He has aptitude for research. His work experience, and experiences as a student are helping him advise, guide and direct students and enables him to handle various academic projects successfully.

Matthew Cooper

MBA Course Director, International Student Support, Ealing Hammersmith & West London College, London, UK

Matthew has managed and delivered and courses both in the UK and internationally. His publications cover the thematic areas of Tourism, International Marketing, Cultural Adoption/Adaption and Motivation. Currently working on his PhD which encompasses International Marketing, National Branding and UK Higher Education provision. As the chair of the EHWLC Research group and Coordinator of the EHWLC MBA programme it is his pleasure to mentor, motivate and guide his students through their studies.